HomeWin the house from anywhere — even on vacation.
Russell Smith
President & COO
Published Jun 01,2022

Win the house from anywhere — even on vacation.

Don’t let your dream vacation get in the way of your dream home. Whether traveling domestically or abroad, keep your house hunt on track with fully remote, fully digital earnest money payments from Earnnest.

The current real estate market can be characterized by high stakes and high pressure. Often this means you’re scrolling listings by day (every day) and viewing properties by night (every night). It probably feels like you’ve been spending every free moment looking at homes — like it’s your side hustle. Sounds like you could use a vacation.

So where does that leave you when it comes to summer travel? You don’t have to lose momentum in order to get the break you deserve. Digital solutions let you move your home search forward, even from vacation. After all, 33% of people bought a home sight unseen in the last year according to a recent study by Redfin.

Virtual walk throughs give you an accurate feel of the home from afar. Digital signing technology handles the contract phase. And fully digital earnest money payments from Earnnest mean you’ll have your earnest payment initiated in five minutes or less — from anywhere that has a wifi connection. In fact, we’ve helped buyers complete their earnest money payments from as far away as Germany and Japan.

Looking for a home can be a full time job. When the right thing comes along, you’ve got to act quickly. So give yourself a vacation this summer without missing out on the house. With Earnnest, you can have it all.