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Katie Lantz
Integrated Marketing Manager
Published Jul 29,2022

homegenius Announces Alliance with RE/MAX, LLC as an Approved Supplier

Next-generation real estate technology will enable agents and brokers to work more effectively and efficiently

homegenius, a full-service ecosystem of real estate services leveraging advanced technology and the latest developments in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), today announced an agreement with RE/MAX, LLC a global real estate franchisor with more than 140,000 agents in almost 9,000 offices and a presence in more than 110 countries and territories

Through this agreement, homegenius will enable RE/MAX agents, brokers and owners in the U.S. to access services and solutions including the geniusprice property intelligence engine offered by homegenius Real Estate LLC, which can help agents and brokers save time, streamline workflow, deepen market analyses, and build pipelines of qualified leads, while offering a truly personalized search for homes that meet a buyer’s specific requirements.

“This collaboration with RE/MAX signifies homegenius’ continued expansion and is an exciting step in implementing our next-level real estate tech throughout the U.S. market,” said Eric Ray, Senior Executive Vice President, and Co-Head of homegenius. “We are delighted to provide RE/MAX agents with our innovative technology that will ensure they evolve in sync with the fast paced and ever-changing real estate market.”

“homegenius provides its users with technology solutions that enable them to utilize data in a uniquely sophisticated but brilliantly simple way. We are excited that RE/MAX professionals will now get to experience the benefits of our geniusprice technology, so they can continue to serve their clients with the utmost knowledge and expert guidance they are known for,” added Brien McMahon, Senior Executive Vice President, and Co-Head of homegenius.

geniusprice is a property intelligence platform that is designed to replace traditional Comparative Market Analytics (CMA), helping agents and brokers gain a deeper understanding of real estate properties and their local real estate market. The geniusprice technology allows users to evaluate and modify suggested comparables instantly, see inside a home using AI-driven computer vision technology, and track market performance trends with a unique Home Price Index. Combined, these technologies deliver real estate pricing estimates in significantly less time, with greater accuracy and less potential for unintended bias.


‘With homegenius offering next-level technology and analytics, RE/MAX agents in the U.S. have more access to the latest data science and machine learning tools to generate price estimates in minutes. We are excited to share this platform and powerful lead generation tool to help RE/MAX agents build their businesses,” said Madeline Hammer, RE/MAX Executive Director, Strategic Alliances.


About homegenius

homegenius Inc., a subsidiary of Radian Group Inc. (NYSE: RDN), and its family of companies combine an array of title, real estate and technology products and services into a full-service ecosystem. homegenius offers innovative experiences from search to close, enabling mortgage lenders, mortgage and real estate investors, consumers, GSEs, and real estate brokers and agents to benefit from integrated and personalized solutions leveraging advanced technology and the latest advancements in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. geniusprice is provided by homegenius Real Estate LLC, doing business as Red Bell Real Estate, LLC in some states where name change approvals are pending.  For additional information on the homegenius family of companies, please visit homegenius.com.