Founded in 2017, Catalyze is an innovative renewable energy developer and independent power producer (IPP) accelerating the transition to the clean energy economy by creating new profit opportunities for commercial and industrial real estate owners. Catalyze develops, finances, builds, owns and operates integrated renewable energy systems including solar, battery storage and EV charging, acting as a tenant on commercial and industrial property. Our Energy-as-a-Tenant model makes it easy and profitable for commercial and industrial real estate owners to seamlessly integrate renewable energy solutions into existing infrastructure for little to no costs.

Catalyze's advanced technology and financial solutions reduce partners’ costs, increase net operating income, and simplify resource management while helping to future-proof businesses and enhance growth strategies. Our approach to integrating smart energy resources with existing infrastructure benefits tenants, electric utilities and local communities.

Mission: Catalyze is on a mission to accelerate the large-scale transition to clean, renewable energy, by making it easy and profitable to integrate smart energy resources into new and existing infrastructure.