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PlanetRE (TRSoft, Inc)

PlanetRE (TRSoft, Inc)

Based in Silicon Valley, planetRE was started by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs in high tech. Our principals came from diverse backgrounds like electronic chip design automation, real estate, and large scale network security; but share the passion to add new innovations to the large real estate industry worldwide.

planetRE delivered one of the most powerful SaaS platforms (software as a service) in 2002; which was truly first of its kind in real estate. With our secure multi tenant architecture it was most likely the first in the software industry worldwide. We were the first company to deploy a working, scalable Transaction Management platform to residential real estate. Over the years, many have tried to copy what we have done in feature sets, but with limited success.

Our technology is “clean room” and all innovations are home grown. We were first to deploy electronic signatures in real estate transactions in 2003; first company to launch RSA ® two factor authentication tokens for real estate transactions; first to deploy a fully integrated financial management platform; first to deploy a Web 2.0/Ajax technology in 2006 and the list goes on and on.

We introduced Real Estate Brokerage Virtualization to the market, connecting all pieces of real estate brokerage functions like websites, consumer search portal, Mashups, mobile platforms, apps, CRM, lead management, transaction management, and financial management in one seamless platform working with major MLSs in the nation.