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Who are we?
Simply put, we are YOU.

That’s right – we built Brokerage Engine from the ground up because, like you, we were frustrated Broker Owners of a large Brokerage, and we needed a system that worked for US. Why was it so crazy to want on-demand, real-time Brokerage Reports? Consistent, duplicable Accounting processes? Integrated Marketing & Task management? We tried to find a system that would work, and quickly learned that if we wanted such a solution, we would have to build it ourselves.

So we did. 

We are a complete, back-office software solution for Brokerages of all sizes, with offerings for all aspects of your business in one, simple platform.

 Accounting -

Easily manage Commission Schedules, Payouts, Invoicing, and general Brokerage Accounting in one platform.

Reports -

Quickly view various financial, production, and projection reports with only a few clicks.

Listings -

Manage all Brokerage listings including media, marketing, and vendor relations.

Transactions -

Track your Brokerage transactions, and manage Closing Entities including Title, Escrow, Mortgage, and more.

Marketing -

Provide a robust catalog of marketing services & offerings, and track project progression and invoicing.

Tasks -

Elevate the efficiency of your Brokerage with assigned, task management for all Brokerage Team Members.

Document Management -

Maintain confidence and peace-of-mind with complete Document Management & Compliance.

Integrations -

Easily connect to dozens of Integrations to further enhance a seamless, all-in-one user experience.

Get in touch today to discover a better way to Broker. 

Brokerage Engine
- Expert solutions for the modern Brokerage.