Make SpaceIQ your workplace technology partner as the business world reopens its doors. Our industry-leading software solutions provide employees the tools they need to manage how, when, and where they work. We help employers reimagine their workplaces with actionable data and set sound real estate strategies now and in the future.

Seeking to create the global leader in workplace management. Archibus, Serraview and SiQ came together to create SpaceIQ in May 2020. Our goal is to provide every client with the ideal solution for addressing real estate strategy and space management needs, while providing employees with a positive workplace experience. But the purpose of our business is to help your business thrive.


We do that in three different, but complementary ways. As the world’s first and most-deployed IWMS, Archibus is the way to go if you’re a large-scale enterprise in need of an all-in-one solution for managing and optimizing space, operations, and maintenance. Now if you’re looking to improve workplace efficiency and space accounting, Serraview is your path forward. As the industry standard in space optimization and the system of choice for major OSPs, this scalable, high-configurable software solution helps turn your biggest fixed costs into strategic assets. But if you’re busy disrupting the world and just want an intuitive workplace management solution designed to make space management simple, SiQ will tame your unicorn. The priority is on user experience and the fastest implementation speeds in the industry. User-friendly tools and intuitive dashboards make it easy to efficiently manage your workplace and improve employee productivity and experience.