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1031 Exchange Advantage

1031 Exchange Advantage

SellTaxFree.com™ is the internet division of 1031 Exchange Advantage ®, a 35 year old firm that accommodates 1031 Exchanges as required by the IRS. Commonly referred to as an “Accommodator” or “Qualified Intermediary,” SellTaxFree.com™ and 1031 Exchange Advantage® are based in San Diego, California and have accommodated thousands of Standard-, Reverse-, and Improvement-1031 Exchanges nationwide under the ownership of Attorney David P. Greenberger, Esq. We do our best to make the 1031 exchange tax-break a simple, easy to understand process, and offer a variety of services to real estate investors to accomplish this, including:

  • Our ‘Do I Qualify?’ quiz to evaluate the usage of an investor’s property and determine whether or not it may qualify for the 1031 exchange tax-break

  • FREE Personalized Attorney* Consultations to review an investors specific, unique situation and replacement property considerations

  • Personalized Tax Reports for sellers that estimate each specific investor’s profit and tax liability based on the specifics of their property, and how the 1031 exchange tax-break can be used to protect those profits from taxes

  • And one-stop shopping for 1031-compliant replacement properties.

In addition, we’ve developed industry leading security protocols to safeguard our Client’s funds during their exchanges. We carry fidelity bonding and E&O insurance, and utilize segregated escrow accounts on every file. We’ve NEVER had an instance of wire fraud in over 30+ years of business, and as such have filed a patent application on our funds request process and wire fraud prevention protocols that include two-factor authentication like any major U.S. bank.