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Mike Staver

How does one not sound self-serving yet honor the skills he possesses in order to add value to the lives of those he serves? Sure, I have a degree in business and a graduate degree in psychology but why does that matter? Yeah, I have been doing this for a while in a number of industries but so what?

The only reason it should matter is if I can use my skills, knowledge and experience to add value to people's lives or to the benefit of their organizations. No cliches, no complex corporate speak just simple clear ideas that you can use right now to produce results .... right now. That's my goal!

1. Add value to those I encounter

2. Model the lessons I teach in my own life and work

3. Be authentic

4. Be excellent

5. Get out of people's way

Specialties: Succinct, high-impact lessons on life and leadership, highly-focused coaching, keynotes, lessons on Leading Courageously and how that impacts culture, and closing the gap between intent and execution.