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Enterprise Software

Technology solutions aimed towards large operations with broad functionality.
Enterprise Core Front Office
Enterprise Core Back Office
Enterprise Transaction Management

Top of the Funnel

Top of the funnel technologies are oriented at engaging the consumer and generating consumer contact with an agent or brokerage.
Sign Rider Lead-Capture Solution
Mobile Application
IDX Property Search
Digital Sphere Marketing
Website Lead Generation Platform
Company Websites
Visual Listing Marketing
Neighborhood/​School/​Commute and Lifestyle Information
AVM/​Home Price Estimate
Predictive Marketing/​Analytics
Agent Websites
Chat Systems
Social Media Management
Digital Advertising System for Listings
Telephone Sales Call Dialers
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Just Listed/​Just Sold/​Farming
Housing Market Reports
Lead Intelligence/​Big Data
Streaming Advertising
Video Marketing/​Advertising/​Content Solutions
Open House Lead Capture
Digital Display Advertising
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Lead Management and Conversion System

Middle of the Funnel

Middle of the funnel technologies are used to build relationships and turn prospects into actual customers.
Reverse Prospecting
Lead Routing Systems
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Offer-Management Platforms
Video Email and Messaging
Marketing Center (Print and Digital)
Artificially Intelligent Assistants
Coming Soon/​Private Inventory Database
Sales Pipeline Reporting
Homeowner Market/​Home Value Reports
Prospecting Systems
Collaborative Home Search
Email Marketing
Showing Solutions
Texting Platforms
Comparative Market Analysis/​Listing Presentations (CMA)

Bottom of the Funnel

Bottom of the funnel technologies are involved in processing or handling the transaction.
Real Estate-Specific Accounting Systems
Real Estate Commissions Calculation and Subledger
Moving Concierge
Forms Solutions
General Ledger Accounting System (Not Real Estate-Specific)
Relocation/​Referral Management
Digital Payments
Seller Reports

Post Funnel

This section includes categories that support activities at the end of a transaction or after it has been completed.
Repeat/​Referral Marketing
Testimonial/​Review/​Ratings Platforms
Business Directory
Repeat/​Referral Intelligence

Broker Platform

This section includes solutions that support brokerage operations.
Agent Roster Management
Recruiting Platform/​CRM
Intranet and Single Sign On
Business Coaching/​Goal Setting Systems
Agent Financial Planning
Integration Tools


Companies selling services ala coaching, consulting and more to the residential real estate industry.
Data Services (Third Party and B2B)
Digital Security
Inspection Services/​Technology
Coaching Programs
Marketing Agencies
Gifting Programs
Help Desk/​IT Support Solutions
Graphic Design Services
Risk Management/​Legal Protection
Content Writers
Digital Marketing Agencies
iBuyer Programs/​Technology
Transaction Coordination

Organized Real Estate

Solutions specifically targeted at running and servicing MLS Systems and member associations
Tax and Public Records Data Solutions
Education Management System
Core MLS Systems
Listing Data Compliance Products
Consumer Websites Portal
Membership/​Consumer Intelligence/​Big Data
Event Planning Management Systems
Association Member Management Systems
Help Desk/​IT Support
Member Communication
Personal Safety Products
Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligent Imaging for Real Estate
Data Feeds and API Tools
Organization Website

Rental Technology

Technologies that market, manage and assist the rental process.
Rental Technology

Title Technology

Technologies that market, manage and assist the title process.

Title Technology

Mortgage Technology

Technologies that market, manage and assist the mortgage process.
Mortgage Technology

Insurance Technology

Technologies that market, manage and assist the insurance process.
Insurance Technology

Commercial Real Estate Technology

Technologies that market, manage and assist the commercial real estate process.
Commercial Real Estate Technology
Commercial Technology

Other Technologies

Technology solutions impacting real estate that do not fit in the funnel or brokerage operations.
Other Technologies
Lock Box Hardware and Technology
Sign Lighting
Digital Signage
Sign Companies

Back Office Solutions

Back office solutions are the proptech that most often power brokerage operations aspects of a real estate brokerage. Support staff, agents, and leadership are the direct beneficiaries of these tools. This category includes real estate tools that assist with integrations, ancillary services, and business planning. 

Recruiting Platforms
Intranet and Single Sign On (SS0)
Digital Payments
Accounting Systems
Transaction Management
Digital e-Signature
Document Sharing and Storage
Data Services

Front Office Solutions

Front office solutions are the proptech that power the consumer facing aspects of a real estate brokerage. These tools often focus on engaging a home buyer or a home seller. Solutions include buyer and seller lead generation, website solutions, social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, and digital advertising for homes on the market. 

Website Solutions
Lead Generation
Signage Solutions
CMA and Listing Presentations
Property Advertising
Digital Advertising
Marketing Center
Rental Technologies
Lead Management
Client and Prospect Relationship Management
Visual Property Assets
Showing Solutions
Content Marketing
Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistants

Core Technology Solutions

Through its ongoing real estate industry research and thousands of brokerage consultations, T3 Sixty has developed a list of core technology solutions. These tools are the most necessary to operate a real estate brokerage well. The optimal solutions will vary based on a brokerage's operating profile, but the critical proprech needs do not. Below is a list of the recommended core technologies.

Generate and Convert Leads
Market Properties
Generate Repeat and Referral Business
Search for Properties
Market Agents
Operate Brokerage