We provide visual intelligence solutions for Real Estate powered by computer vision. We analyze property images to generate and moderate content, improve search experiences and help determine property condition.

Launched in 2015 in sunny Barcelona, Restb.ai took shape when founder, Angel Esteban, was searching for a home for his wife and newborn son. Browsing through dozens of properties, he was shocked by the inconsistent quality of listings and the general difficulty of finding his family’s dream home. There had to be a better way.

With an extensive background in A.I., Angel took matters into his own hands and began creating solutions specifically targeting real estate. Realizing the wealth of untapped data in property photos, he discovered an industry ripe to be disrupted by the latest developments in computer vision.

Today Restb.ai operates from offices in the US and Barcelona and works with clients across five continents solving problems in every area of real estate. We are continually looking to partner with the leading innovators in the industry to use A.I. and technology to bring real estate into the future.