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Voicelogic (SlyDial, SlyBroadcast)

Voicelogic (SlyDial, SlyBroadcast)

Since 1996, VoiceLogic has been a pioneer in the area of new marketing technologies, providing ringless telephone messaging, Voicemail Courier, Guided Voice Mail Relay, Email Broadcasting, Outbound Call Center, Sales Lead Research, Electronic Lead Transfer, to consumers and corporations.

We provide highly effective Call Center services for the purposes of generating sales, business leads and event attendance.

Our innovative services can help your corporation:

  • Reach a record number of prospects per hour
  • Target specific vertical markets and decision makers
  • Fuse the power of direct mail and telemarketing at an
  • economical cost
  • Increase productivity ten times your average by reaching more
  • customers faster

We offer a host of innovative messaging solutions that will guarantee listenership for your message. VoiceLogic guarantees to deliver with 100% accuracy and offer the best price point in the industry.