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Jared James

You’ve learned the business side, now learn why Jared does what he does and where his journey started. 

His story starts as a typical “entrepreneur”. He worked for a newspaper delivery route but instead of just working one route himself, he picked up 8 routes and handed them off to other kids to make a profit. As he got older he became an award winning realtor with no intention of doing anything other than selling real estate. A few years later he was contacted by a publishing company to write a book and after accepting reluctantly, the book was a hit. The awards continued to pile up and Jared started to get asked to speak at events for the first time in his life. It began locally and grew so quickly that he was speaking nationally and internationally before he knew it. Fast forward to the founding of Jared James Enterprises. 

Jared lives by the mantra #HustleRedefined because he truly believes that hustle is about more than just working so much that you miss out on the most important people and times in your life. That doesn't mean he doesn't work hard.... he does... but sometimes that means doing a keynote on the other side of the country on a Friday, catching a red eye home, landing at 8:00am, rushing home to coach one of his kids' games at 10am, exercising at 1pm, knocking some work out at 3:30pm and then getting ready to take his wife out for a date that night. For Jared, it's about using every available minute in a given day and being fully present with whoever he is with.

His combination of enthusiasm, charisma, empathy and drive have allowed him to build one of the largest coaching/training programs in North America and one of the most innovative and fastest growing marketing and software companies in the tech space simultaneously, all while being recognized as one of the most influential people in the real estate industry today.

While he loves the grind of building these companies, nothing makes him more happy than getting the opportunity to coach his kid's sports teams or just sit on the sideline and watch. Jared has a passion for creating great content that gives others the opportunity to have an epiphany and breakthrough on something that didn't make sense to them before. Interested in hearing him speak? Connect below and watch his past sessions on YouTube or visit the events tab to hire him for your next conference.