We are the only creative, strategy and media center in Latin America founded by Latinos.

The SuperTM family, led by its founding partners Damián Kepel, Sebas Yumatle, Mariano Mataloni, Rodrigo Diaz Aran, Andy Clar and Alvaro Yermoli is made up of over 150 talented members in seven countries.

Moreover, the SuperTM Woman division, led by founding partner Andy Clar, consists of interdisciplinary teams made up of 50 independent SuperTM Women in each country.

We are headquartered in Buenos Aires and have offices in Miami, São Paulo, Lima, Mexico City, and Santiago, where we work with regional muscle and local knowledge. Across all countries we operate in, we are the same company—the same team, with same culture.

At SuperTM, strategy and creativity is our game—and we build on these two pillars for every single thing we do. In order to measure and reach our goals, we dig deep into and work with Big and Small Data.

Our audiovisual production branch, SuperTM Productora Audiovisual, was created to provide our clients with an immediate answer to their needs by combining the audiovisual formats of today with the innovations of tomorrow.

And with SuperTM Media, our own performance-driven online and offline media agency, we make sure our client’s messages reach the right audience.