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Knox Financial

Knox helps you turn a property you already own into an investment that delivers passive income, with none of the work or hassle. Knox created the Frictionless Ownership Platform to streamline the entire process for an owner, from finding renters to taking care of maintenance to managing finances.

Knox is on a mission to make owning investment property effortless and as simple as owning a share of stock or a savings bond. You continue to own the property, and Knox is incentivized to make that investment perform.

The Knox platform uses data and automation to optimize your property’s investment returns:

- Build wealth dramatically faster than you can with stocks and bonds

- Investments optimized to your financial goals

- Multiply your principle over the long-term

- Financing options available to turn equity into cash

- A source of consistent, passive income

- Diversify your portfolio and beat the S&P 500

- Maximum tax deductions with the paperwork you need to easily file.

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