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Corcoran Coaching and Consulting

We have been helping those in the real estate industry for over a quarter century. We assist in the growth of the precise businesses they want, and enable them to become the CEO and Rainmakers of their companies.

We take proven systems and procedures to help you become what only you can determine, and who you should be within the infrastructure of your own company. Are you a master salesperson? Are you motivated by pushing papers? Are you driven by making it rain for your team? We have the tools it will take to get you to whatever it is you want, and to achieve and maintain a good work-life balance.

Beginning in 2011, we had the privilege of coaching 46 of the Top 250 Teams by Volume and Units as published by the Wall Street Journal & REAL Trends. In the years since, our presence on that list has increased to 81 clients that earned 102 awards in 2016.

It's about taking your business, coaching you toward your dreams, and introducing systems to assist you in building the profit machine you want. We're talking about those realized dreams that allow you to still have a real life beyond your career. Your location may be different than most everyone. Your unique selling proposition may have a different spin. However, it is still about the systems that help you grow a business, and reflects the culture of what your company embraces.

We are not an exclusive coaching company. We don't specialize in one area of growth. We work on the infrastructure through an initial intensive consultation period. We then work on moving you forward toward creating multiple pillars of revenue, which will help you achieve your goals. We will also be working with your entire team, whether it is one person or 50 people. This is 100% about what you need, and what is best for your growth.