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The Yard is a company built to inspire and cultivate success. Featuring private offices and coworking in New York, Philadelphia, and D.C., the company has been instrumental in establishing growing businesses and motivating large companies across the U.S.

The Yard was founded in 2011 by Morris Levy and Richard Beyda, two Brooklyn natives with backgrounds in entrepreneurship and real estate. Morris and Richard found that there were little options for flexible workers or companies who needed space but couldn’t commit to an expensive, long-term lease. They wanted to be a destination for the many entrepreneurs who wanted the Brooklyn community they called home, and the borough they grew up and now live in, to also be the headquarters for their growing businesses.

Morris and Richard chose the name The Yard to evoke the feeling of balance between work and play, an area where you would congregate to get things done, meet other people and also be able to hang out and enjoy yourself. The original Williamsburg location at the intersection of Williamsburg and Greenpoint has become a place for entrepreneurs to share their experiences and foster their ideas.

Joining The Yard as original members were companies including Uber, Namely, Blue Apron, Wanderfly, and the writing team behind Academy Award-winning film Birdman.

Since then, our community has grown to more than 2,000 companies and thousands of members across 14 locations in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, D.C. The company recently secured a $15 million credit facility from IDB Bank to help fund expansion, community development and bring new talent onto the team.