Greater business flexibility and technology is giving workers more freedom than ever before to work remotely allowing companies to be more productive and efficient. Having a conducive workplace environment wherever you are in the World is crucial to running a business effectively.

OFIXU is the business community’s platform where professionals from around the world can list or book space for any business use and it’s the “go-to” resource for work space owners to list their property and earn income on otherwise surplus space. 

As the professional’s choice for booking work and meeting spaces from as little as an hour to a full year or more, OFIXU is helping business users in the global community book meeting rooms, boardrooms, desks and offices spaces online without any of the unnecessary hassle.

People go to great lengths to find suitable workspace and pay the price for expensive traditional or serviced offices that lack flexibility, with OFIXU you can control your bookings the way your budget suits you. Our spaces can be booked for as long as you need, you decide how much space you require, which location you want to be in, a price that suits your budget and then book instantly on with us.