Kevin Phelan
Vice President, Sales

Cloze is a CRM unlike any other you’ve ever tried. It’s the only CRM that captures all communications automatically — even calls and texts from any mobile phone. Contacts and activity are always up-to-date with no data entry.

For your agents, this eliminates the biggest barriers to CRM adoption: the need to change habits and the pain of manually entering data. Agents love Cloze because it’s A.I. personal assistant keeps them on top of their clients, reminding them to follow up and surfacing important deadlines.

For you, since Cloze doesn’t rely on manual data entry, you know with 100% certainty which leads have had follow up. Coupled with Cloze’s campaign automation, leads can be automatically nurtured, to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

No More Data Entry

Unlike other CRMs, Cloze works with the apps you use today to automatically track and organize all your client communication, files, and notes.

  • Cloze is the only CRM that automatically tracks both inbound and outbound calls and texts without needing a new phone number.
  • Cloze is the only CRM that works with all of your existing email accounts and calendars, so you don’t need to change how you work, or double-enter data.

Trusted by Agents From Every Major Brand

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AI Personal Assistant: Saves you Time and Keeps you Focused

Cloze’s AI personal assistant learns who is important to you and automatically prompts you when it is time to reach out, or if you miss an important action item or deadline. All without any manual setup.

  • Cloze detects action items in messages and reminds you
  • Cloze keeps your contacts up to date without busywork
  • Cloze finds people you should follow up with but haven’t

Scale up 1-to-1 Marketing

A Library for Your Best Templates and Content

  • Text, email, and call templates to make follow-up fast
  • Reusable templates with central control over themes, styles, and brand content
  • Create beautiful, image-rich designs in minutes
  • Pixel-perfect layouts that work in every email client
  • Send through your real email and phone number

Professional Grade Email For your Real Email Account

  • Scale your personalize outreach with Mail Merge
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Open notifications
  • Link click tracking
  • Scheduled send
  • Get reminded when people don’t reply
  • Built-in GDPR and CCPA compliance

Personalize Matching of Listings to Clients

  • Find buyers that match criteria for properties
  • Find properties that match criteria for buyers
  • Turn property summaries into emails automatically
  • Create mail-merge emails containing properties to send to matching buyers

Never Miss a Lead

Automatic Lead Capture

  • Capture leads automatically from 100s of sources
  • Instantly push leads to your agents' phones
  • Create lead ponds that allow your team to compete for leads
  • Accept and follow-up on leads with no data entry

Every Lead Gets a Follow-up Plan

  • Next Steps ensure follow-up
  • Call, text, and email templates speed follow-up and drive consistency
  • Daily agenda eliminates the guesswork of who to contact next
  • AI ensures nothing slips through the cracks

Unparalleled Tracking From Lead-to-Close

  • See whether leads are being followed-up on
  • Source of truth because all communication is automatically tracked
  • Lead Engagement analytics to score and prioritize
  • Team Leaderboard to coach and mentor

The Choice for Brokerages is Simple

Give your agents a CRM they will love

  • CRM is only impactful if your agents actually use it.
  • Cloze uses AI to constantly coach agents and nudge them to act in the same ways that make your best agents successful.
  • You'll see sky-high adoption rates and you won't be paying for shelfware.

Focus agents on their best source of leads

  • Top-performing agents are maniacally focused on their past clients and sphere of influence because it outperforms all other types of leads.
  • Cloze makes sure all agents are constantly nurturing their sphere of influence — building deep relationships and a strong referral network.

Recruit the best

  • Your brokerage can take advantage of the same tools used by thousands of executive recruiters and management coaches.
  • Track and nurture candidates — know which candidates are engaged at any time and which are not.

Coach and grow your team

  • Build strong, lasting relationships with your agents with automatic keep-in-touch reminders and embedded coaching.
  • Coach less experienced agents with tools to help you know where new agents are spending their time - without violating their privacy.