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Tracy Simmons
Loft47 Technologies
We're about the business of Real Estate. As an expert in enterprise solutions for over 18 years I have seen it all, from fraud to supreme success. I most enjoy the relationships that develop with folks that 'get it'. I work with Real Estate Brokerages, Teams & Franchises

Run a fully integrated, collaborative, and cohesive brokerage with Loft47. View all your deals in the pipeline, forecast your revenues with accuracy, and know exactly where your cash is. Loft47 Integrates with your favorite tools, like Quickbooks, Xero, Dotloop, Docusign Rooms, and much more.

Loft47 is a commission management engine that automates manual work and provides complete financial functionality for both Brokerages and their Agents. Our sophisticated fee structures allow for creativity in commission plans and our automated and detailed accounting ledgers keep you in compliance. 

How easy is it to manage a deal in Loft47?

  • Create a deal in less than one minute
  • Attach and sync documents directly to your deal
  • Collaborate with agents by sending instructions, documentation, questions, and much more

You can easily stay up to date with any incomplete tasks and monitor your team’s performance. Once the deal is complete, review pending and completed paystubs, and view cash flow projections for pending closes. Efficiently manage transactions, commissions, fees, and communication with closing parties with Loft47.