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geniusprice by homegenius

geniuspriceSM technology, offered by Red Bell Real Estate, LLC, is a groundbreaking intelligent pricing engine that replaces the traditional CMA, providing brokerages and agents with next-level analytics and insights in an interface that’s easy to use and takes home price estimates to a new level. 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of subject properties and your local estate market.
  • Blend your market knowledge and access to local data with our powerful analytics while pricing properties and switching comparables in real time.
  • Save an average of 30-45 minutes on each presentation, so you can spend more time managing relationships and less time hunting for comparable properties.
  • Leverage our computer vision to "see" properties in an entirely new way.

geniusprice technology has made the traditional Comparative Market Analytics (CMA) obsolete by marrying advanced valuation automation with local property data in an entirely new way.

To learn more about geniusprice, please visit homegenius.com.