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3 Data Pulse

Phillip Gagnon
3 Data Pulse

3 Data Pulse by 3 Data Pulse

Recruiting. Retention. Agent Productivity. All in one place.


3 Data Pulse is an industry-first software to help Brokers, Managers, and Team Leaders with the 3 pillars of all successful real estate companies: Retention, Recruitment, and Productivity.

With all of the data in one place, the system can predict when an agent is likely to leave, 82% of the time.


With 3 Data Pulse, you will be able to identify potential recruits from your MLS(s). Record your interactions with them; email them directly from the system, as well as text messages; Automate your outreach via campaigns and manage your workflow; Companies can manage the onboarding process and track agents' engagement throughout their time with your company.


From there, you will be able to coach your agents to their goals and focus retention your and your team's efforts on potentially at risk agents, by using our EKG Score to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your organization.


Companies have also been able to identify potential M&A opportunities, track interactions, manage documents, and get real-time company valuations, powered by REAL trends.

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