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Cloze CRM

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ActivePipe Marketing Automation Platform


Cloze is integrated with ActivePipe to sync contacts and other information from Cloze to ActivePipe. 

Cloze ➜ ActivePipe

Contacts and their organizational information sync from Cloze to ActivePipe

  • Segments (e.g. Buyers, Sellers)
  • Stages (e.g. Lead, Warm, Hot)
  • Next Steps
  • Tags
  • Buyer profile information (price range, number of bedrooms etc)

ActivePipe ➜ Cloze

Activity syncs from ActivePipe to Cloze

  • Timeline event logging for each campaign in Cloze
  • Email events
  • Email open and link click activity
  • Unsubscribe information

Connecting ActivePipe

Click here to learn how to connect your ActivePipe account to Cloze.

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