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About T3 Sixty

T3 Sixty, which exclusively serves the residential real estate brokerage industry, is the leading management consultancy and research company for residential real estate brokerages, franchisors, MLS associations, technology companies, and more. Launched in 1998 as RealSure, T3 Sixty has helped hundreds of real estate businesses grow. Tens of thousands of broker-owners and real estate executives read our reports, and over a million real estate professionals have attended our talks. 

The T3 Tech Marketplace launched at the start of 2021, perfect timing to help real estate brokerages navigate an uncertain future. The T3 Tech Marketplace was designed to help real estate brokers, agents and teams better evaluate and choose the best technologies for their needs. It’s enabled hundreds of real estate companies and real estate technology companies to uncover solutions and connect with each other. Even better, it’s saved countless hours of researching, compiling, and analyzing real estate products and services.

The T3 Tech Marketplace’s goals perfectly align with our vision at T3 Sixty. We seek out the facts, uncover and develop best practices, and implement industry-leading, transformative solutions. Our deep expertise is evident in the more than 45 high-quality books and reports we’ve published on the residential real estate brokerage industry. And we are passionate about sharing our real estate knowledge, which extends well beyond real estate technology to all facets of residential real estate, including strategy, operations, profitability, technology, innovation, expansion and talent acquisition. Collectively, our clients account for hundreds of billions of dollars in real estate sales every year. They trust T3 Sixty with everything from how to defend their market share and successfully expand into new markets to the technology solutions they really need and the industry trends that will affect them the most.

At T3 Sixty, we are:

  • Dedicated to objectivity and fair-mindedness. 
  • Devoted to honesty and confidentiality. 
  • Committed to diversity and inclusion. 
  • Driven by fact and reasoning. 
  • Steadfast in our commitment to the residential real estate brokerage industry.

We see ourselves as the custodians of research and the lighthouse for navigating important decisions. We feel these decisions matter even more because of the broad impact the real estate industry has on our lives and our economy. The residential real estate industry is truly colossal, with the U.S. housing market alone being valued at $33.6 trillion, equivalent to the world’s two largest economies. We at T3 Sixty are humbled to help steer our clients and the real estate industry into the future, to be the bellwether on which so many of you depend, and to call so many of you friends as well as clients. Learn more about T3 Sixty at http://t3sixty.com/ or access T3 Sixty’s vast real estate intelligence, research, and select publications online at https://www.t3intel.com/. We would also love to hear from you. Give us a call at 707-837-4989 or connect with a T3 Sixty consultant today.

T3 Sixty. Enabling Intelligent Change.